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Chairman's Message

Dr. Wales Mathew

Chairman & Managing Director

Divine Public School is an English Medium, Co-educational Senior Secondary School, that combines the very best in educational practices, powered and propelled by a philosophy of education that is eclectic and yet truly modern. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi, under the Government of India and has acquired itself well with excellent Board results over the years. The students have performed commendably in the CBSE exam and have been ranked. Our students who leave after 12 years of enlightening and enjoyable schooling, have always been knowledgeable, self-confident and mature individuals.

Our prime goal right from the beginning has been to bring out the best of the human potential in each child and thus to promote excellence through value-based education with a relevant and continuously updated curriculum and modern tech-aided teaching methodology. We expect that our students who go out of the portals of this school into the world will be knowledgeable, multi-skilled, socially committed and humane. Let we assure you the school Management is committed to the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the school with single minded devotion. No effort will be spared in adding to, or updating, the infrastructure, in inducting the best in educational technology, in helping to enhance the competence of the teaching faculty so that pupils may stand to benefit at all times. Drastic changes and developments are taking place in the field of education. In order to keep up with the modern developments we have to bring up our youth also fully competent with their counterparts in any other region of the world. In the new and competitive world our emphasis is on quality and to achieve this we have to introduce the most modern educational technology in teaching, learning and in developing creativity with originality. The mindset of the students, parents, and the teachers has to be changed. With the support of our faculties, the school authorities and the Managing committee strive their level best to provide the very best educational facilities to our students. School is housed in spacious buildings for our students and staff. Labs for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biotechnology, Geography, Mathematics Etc, audiovisual rooms with all modern gadgets, Libraries for various sections with large number of books selected suitably for the different age group.

New and innovative methods of teaching based on the theories of multiple intelligence and educational constructivism are introduced and the evaluation system is redesigned on the basis of continuous and comprehensive assessment. All steps are taken to make teaching and learning enjoyable in a total stress free atmosphere. The aim is to develop the multifarious talents among the children and to bring them up as balanced personalities to face the challenges of the fast growing world. As our former President and famous scientist Dr APJ Abdul Kalam observed “Education in its real sense is a pursuit of truth. It is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment. Such a journey opens up new vistas of development of humanism, where there is no scope, nor room for pettiness, disharmony, hatred or enmity. It transforms the human beings into a wholesome whole, a noble sole and an asset to the entire universe.

AT DIVINE PUBLIC SCHOOL, more importance is given to providing “quality education”. By quality education we mean overall development of the student –in academics, physical fitness, moral values, social behaviour, independence and attitude. A good education system not only aims at academic excellence but at something more intrinsic –training students to become better human beings and good citizens. The very aim of education is to build all-rounded personalities. This is not an easy task. It means total involvement of teachers and parents alike. No shifting of responsibility. Both should be aware of their responsibility. Both must interact with each other. We must set a goal. We must have a vision for what we wish our children to be. And all our activities have got to be directed towards this. PLUTARCH, the great Greek Philosopher has rightly said, “A child is not a bucket to be filled, but a fire to be lit.” This accurately links with Tagore’s advice to teachers, that unless the lamp burns, it can’t light others.

What is needed is absolute dedication on the part of teachers and parents and whole hearted co-operation between them. The teacher is the kingpin. He has a big role to play to develop the child’s personality. Good and committed teachers are the right agency to mould our children, particularly, those with aberrations. The teacher can influence the students in many ways – by being a model in discipline, turn – out and punctuality, by having an unflinching faith that he will be able to reform the so-called bad elements, by dedication, by his sheer personal example in code of conduct. Only then the teachers will be able to create a deep sense of values - for fellow human beings, for life and for oneself. Indian culture is rooted deeply in spiritual values and unless these values find their way into the lives of students, education will lose its significance and will not be able to endow the students with a vision. Most of the time of the students is spent at home. Hence the role of the parents assumes even greater significance. Charity begins at home. So do politeness, tolerance, truthfulness, piety, mutual respect and obedience. The only way to teach fair play is to play fair. Exemplary behavior of parents and elders is the need of the hour.

Children love fantasy. Through stories, fables and parables they can be taught values and, thus, good behavior and right thinking will become a part of their personality. They have the urge to create a beautiful world, highly moral and ideal. My vision for our students is to make them refined and cultured human beings and also patriotic and responsible citizens. I am glad to say that this vision is shared by our staff. I pray to God to give us strength and perseverance to realize this vision.

What is done to children, they will do to the society. Hence, it must be the combined efforts of parents and the teachers to raise the children in such a way that they turn out to be fine human beings, responsible citizens and compassionate adults-free from narrow mindedness, hatred, deceit, bigotry, inequality, intolerance and violence. Both equity and excellence have to be addressed. Unless we do it we have not been able to provide quality education. Parents must spend their quality time with their children. They have to closely but unobtrusively watch their progress, understand their aptitudes, interests and needs. Only then to achieve the very best in whatever field they choose for themselves. I urge Parents to know their children and their aptitude so that they have proper goals and pursue the right stream of education.

As Aristotle puts it, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”. If we can all do this, we are sure to have a perfect society. Value education is a combined responsibility. At school we have the Morning Assembly and Value Education wherein values-moral and aesthetic- is instilled in students through stories, skits and the like. Hence, the role of the parents and the teachers is equal and important. One cannot be replaced by another. One is incomplete without the other. Together they can do wonders if they are true to themselves. The students are what we make them to be. Our students are simply wonderful-keen-earnest, knowledgeable and promising. They have carved a niche for themselves in various fields and have kept the flag of Divine Public School, Puthoor flying wherever they have gone.

In keeping pace with the technological progress and the advent into the 21st century, the school has introduced Computer Aided learning to make teaching and learning more effective. Divine Public School enjoys the unique distinction to have Computer Aided Teaching and Learning through Smart Class using Class Transformation System in all the classes. Smart Class is a unique tool which instantly allows teachers to assess and evaluate the learning achieved by students. I request the wonderful students of Divine Public School to imbibe the tremendous spirit of moral values to strive hard, to make use of the best facilities and to achieve the excellence in academics as well as in sports, games and all other extra curricular activities in order to become the real asset to the entire.world.

Marching ahead on the road to success, powered by a truly modern philosophy of education, Divine Public School positively holds a mirror to a bright and resplendent future, whose motto is appropriately EXCELSIOR.