Fee Payments

Fees are collected in 5 installments /Lump sum for 12 months, each installment being 2 months, payable at school office.

Schedule of Payment

Without Fine With Fine
First Installment ( May-June ) 10th May 25th May
Second Installment ( July-Aug ) 10th July 25th July
Third Installment ( Sep-Oct ) 10th Sep 25th Sep
Fourth Installment ( Nov-Dec ) 10th Jan 25th Jan
Fifth Installment ( Jan-Feb ) 10th Jan 25th Jan

If the last due date of payment is a public holiday the next working day shall be deemed as the due date. Annual Fees are to be paid at the beginning of the academic session.

A fee card is provided to the students for entry of fees which shall be brought to the school at the time of payment.

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