Divine Secondary School (Class IX and X)

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

-Nelson Mandela

The Secondary School Program is a rigorous and continuous program fostering them in seven major learning areas which are:-Language, Humanities, Mathematics, science and Technology, Health and Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Contemporary Subjects preparing the students to the All India Secondary School Examination. A stress free environment is created for the students to comfortably appear for their first Public Examination. Result oriented Training is imparted by the professionally experienced teachers who target for overall performance of the students. Extra Coaching classes are provided after school hours inside the Campus itself.

Admission Criterion

Normally new admissions are not taken in class IX or X .School may admit students in class IX alone on special cases such as transfer of parents or any other genuine reason upon filling the following criterion.

  • The Candidate have undergone and passed a regular course of study in class VIII under CBSE or any other recognized boards in the country.
  • The Candidate should have secured at least 75% in the eligibility test conducted in school.

Our Facilities